Tuesday 10 November 2015



There is always so much to be grateful for at Thanksgiving.  We ate well, as usual.  All of the veggies were from our garden: squash, potatoes, beans.  It was a yummy feast.

The company was also great and I am grateful.  With the recent passing of my mother's husband she needed a break and came for a week, along with my youngest sibling.  Sister was able to join us so most of us were together in one place at one time.  We celebrated by eating!

Brother was very helpful fixing this and fixing that.  Mom too dusted and ironed a few things, tasks I dislike.


No, not yours, Ruby Tuesday!  Mine.  I had just vacated the chair on the veranda.  I think it was becoming a chilly evening and so it was warm after I left it.  And Ruby Dooby snuggled up into the warmth.  This is the one chair cushion she has not tried to eat. Perhaps it is too comfortable for her taste - all pun(s) intended.

What?  It's my chair now, you got out of it.

Hidey Holes

We all have a favourite spot, whether it's a favourite chair or corner of a room.  Animals are no different in that they have favoured places to rest.  Both Maremmas spend a good amount of time under the veranda of the house.  The veranda stretches around three sides of the house.

In the heat of the summer the sand under the veranda was found to be the coolest place to rest.  Ruby has a good sized hole in a corner under one of the back doors.  This photo makes it look magnificent.  Be assured in true colour it is not this bright under there.

Ruby in her hidey hole at the back of the house.

Millie prefers the front of the house.  She is very watchful of the front.  Likely this is due to the coyote traffic across the road.  As well there is the road vehicular traffic, and although Millie has improved with a huge reduction in car chasing, she continues to whine, whimper and bark at passing vehicles - if she doesn't chase the odd one too.

Here is Millie in her spot near the front steps of the house.  It is not as deep as Ruby's but does offer a more expansive view of the area around the front of the house.

Millie's favoured spot under the veranda.