Thursday 9 June 2016

Creative work


I love to re-purpose things; to figure out a problem or challenge; to make something work.  Here are some examples.

  • the hose reel

Re-purposed, the hose reel has been an amazing time saver for putting up and taking down strands of electric fence.  No masses of knots that take hours to unravel.  Set up and take down is a pleasant experience.

  • the pool ladder

We found the first pool ladder at the dump at the "treasure table".  Hubby's first thought was we could use it to traverse the strands of electric fence behind the house to get the bridge to go for a hike.  Then we realized it 'fits' over the electric netting.  And so I have recently acquired another pool ladder and put it to work behind the barn.

  • futon

I like the barn but I don't sleep there.  Sister had a small futon that she no longer used and it had previously belonged to Brother.  Down to the farm it travelled.  I found this idea on-line and I built it into a hay feeder.  It doesn't get much use now since we switched to the large bales, however I still use it sometimes.


Turtle activity this year so far has been limited, unlike a great deal of activity and many sightings in our first spring here.  This snapping turtle walked through the barnyard one morning.  From the house it was a cat with an odd gait. 

Later in the day I was sitting in the front room and observed a relative walking up the driveway.  He seemed to be on a mission with a determination to his stride.

This frog was found one morning in the barnyard.  He is perched on a concrete block that holds the hen house door ajar.  If you look closely the grey colour on his underside matches the block well.  He stayed there for a good part of the day.



We grow fluff here and the amount is ever increasing.  I must say that the quality of this year's yearling fleeces is just wonderful.  The goal of "prettying up the fleece" is working.  The spinners who helped on shearing day "ooo-ed" and "awed" more than the previous year.

It was a very long day to shear 30 sheep and one llama.  The guy is careful with the animals but not known for speed.

Chiquita getting her first hair cut.  She had not yet had her baby.

 Interestingly nature also re-purposes as needed.

A bird's nest made mostly from sheep's wool.

More creative uses for sheep wool.