Friday 16 December 2022

2022 Synopsis


Seasons Greetings,

In 2022 we welcomed many visitors, especially in the summer.  We always enjoy visitors, whether to share a tea or glass of wine; a hike; or, petting animals.  The number of visits has certainly escalated as we are sort of post-COVID. 

Retired this last year, D.R. has been quite busy, with several weeks of contract work with the Military and Karate teaching.  There are now Karate classes every evening except Saturday.  Much of it is remote and then there are monthly visits to us for in-person instruction.  Kelly continues to work 4 days per week.

In May we attended the wedding of D.R.’s eldest nephew, Ian.  It was a wonderful event held north west of K-W.  Near to our friends in Thornbury, we extended our time away and had a lovely visit there as well.  Thanks to Kelly’s sister for staying at the farm while we were away.

We once again hosted both Easter and Thanksgiving celebrations.  On Easter Monday as the remaining guests arrived, darling Duchess the sheep gave birth to triplets.  We once again had marvelous weather for Thanksgiving.  We are grateful for so many blessings, including family, friends, food, and an amazing place to live.  Following Thanksgiving Kelly got COVID, was not too ill, and recovered quickly. D.R. was spared.  No one else was stricken so Thanksgiving was not declared a super spreader event – something else for which to be thankful.

The garden was excellent this year.  The “mystery squash” - the one we did not plant but appeared at the barnyard, not even in the garden - produced 30 or so fruit.  We cannot identify it, however, it is yummy!  The pumpkin crop was exceptional, too.  We are expanding the garden next year, adding a squash only section.

The lamb crop was also good this year, with a total of 27.  We lost 3 lambs to coyotes at the end of June – the last loss was 8 years ago.  The present animal count is 23 hens, 19 sheep, 3 dogs, 1 goat, and 1 cat. 

Daughter Stacey and Grand-daughter Leonora came in September from their home in Amsterdam.  Papa Moe did not come this time.  Stacey had a business meeting and we provided childcare.  We had a super time together!  A new grandchild is expected in May.

Son Thomas is well and now has a part time tutoring job at a learning centre.  It is conveniently near his apartment.  He is very happy with this new adventure.

Sadly, Kelly’s younger brother passed away in early November.  He was 58 years of age.  He had been unwell for sometime and had battled many demons across his life.  Rest in Peace, dear brother.

We are planning for the holidays while managing late winter activities.  The weather has been good, since the foot of snow we got in mid-November has all melted.

It is our sincere wish that you and yours are healthy and well, that you have an enjoyable holiday, and wonderful New Year.

Merry Christmas!  Kelly & D.R. MacGregor     

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