Friday 16 December 2022

Photos from 2022

Ruby and Paddy Pup - "Can you eat it?"

Paddy Pup, early in the season, actively patrolling with us on a walk of the property.

Grand-daughter helping harvest "mystery squash".  This squash appeared in the small barnyard and produced THIRTY fruit.  Despite not knowing what type it is, it kept well and continues to be tasty.

Grandma's helper

Henrietta llama in full fleece in late spring.  She was clipped in June, something she does not enjoy.  A very interesting behaviour this year is Henrietta and Paddy Pup chasing each other around the barnyard.  Sometimes Ruby plays too.


Millie is still with us and pushing 13 years of age.  Her mobility is limited and she is well medicated.  She is comfortable and happy.

We lost 3 lambs to coyotes at the end of June.  Millie is less effective as she ages.  Paddy Pup is not reliable yet, and Ruby has some odd fears of noises and hides in the barn.  After the coyote kill we implemented a number of strategies and one was to hang out my dirty barn clothes along the fence line, the human smell a coyote deterrent.  Paddy would curl up under my clothes in the daytime.  This was perfect as he was with his sheep, which is where he is often found.  He's turning into a fine guardian dog!

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